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Our Vision

We rise to the challenge of sculpting our students' futures.

Our Mission

St Peter Institute is dedicated to being a comprehensive, learner-centered institution that aspires to set the standard of excellence in fostering intellect, creativity, and character within an active, student learning community.

We offer a range of career-oriented and continuous education programs designed to address the dynamic challenges in intellectual, cultural, and economic development within Australia and the rest of the World. Through support services and a technology-enriched learning environment, our mission is to empower each learner with the skills, knowledge, and values essential for higher education programs, workforce entry, advancement, and personal enrichment.

We are committed to promoting an appreciation of cultural diversity, social responsibility, and academic excellence. Situated uniquely in the heart of Melbourne CBD, our mission is to educate and develop professionals who will make significant contributions to their lives, Victoria, the nation, and the global community.

Our Values
We advance quality standards through faculty, academic offerings and support services provided to students. This is evidenced in institutional practices, learning and administrative outcomes.
We maintain a strong commitment to all learners and their emerging needs, by fulfilling the academic and cultural needs of the region.
We promote a caring environment that is rooted in a participative governance structure. Mutual respect and trust are evidenced in collaborative work teams which cross over divisions, departments and programs.
We embrace diversity in its curriculum, activities, student population and staff.