Forms & Policies


Application to Defer, Suspend or Cancel Enrolment                                                                
Complaints and Appeals Form
Credit Card Authorisation Form
Credit Transfer Application Form
Education Agent Application Form
Refund Application Form
USI Authorisation Form
Student Request Form
Student Application Form

Policies and Procedures

Credit Transfer and RPL Policy and Procedure
Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling the Student's Enrolment Policy and Procedure
Student Recruitment and Enrolment Process Policy and Procedure
Fees and Refund Policy and Procedure
Transfer of Students Between Providers Policy and Procedure
Student Support Services Policy & Procedures
Extending Course Duration Policy & Procedure
Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure
Engaging Education Agents Policy and Procedure
ELICOS Monitoring Attendance Policy and Procedure
ELICOS Teaching and Assessment Policy & Procedures
Records Management Policy & Procedure

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