The Australian Cartoon Museum Gallery

Start Time

17 DEC 2017
10:00 AM

End Time

17 DEC 2017
04:00 PM


Wharf Street


We are part of the Renew Australia scheme which is also opening approximately 14 shops there by turning District, Docklands (it’s new name), Wharf Street into an Artists Collective Centre that hopefully will bring people into the area who have never ventured there.

Who can attend?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • General public

Best times to visit between 10am – 4pm Wednesday – Sunday

Wharf Street
SE F04/05 (DAC1.2)
Level 1 Docklands District 3008

Tram Stop D11 Docklands Drive

The Australian Cartoon Museum (ACM) gives cartoons a home, where they are looked after, loved and shared forever. This gives cartoonists and their fans a never-ending resource to learn from.

They have over 3 million cartoons, which they use to tell visual stories in exhibitions and documentaries. Thus saving them from becoming a mere footnote in dusty old history books.