General English (Elementary to Upper-Intermediate)

Elementary to Upper Intermediate


General English is an ideal way to learn to use English effectively in an everyday environment. St Peter Institute offers 4 levels of General English with all levels carefully designed to cover the macro-skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar and pronunciation practice. Students find they progress in a fast and enjoyable manner. Lessons are of the highest quality which makes them both interesting and productive.

 56 Weeks (including 12 Weeks of holidays)

AUD $250 (non-refundable)
AUD $700
AUD $12,950


• For course packages or re-enrolment, the registration fee is payable only once.

• These fees are indicative and are subject to change at the time of enrolment.

Career Opportunities

This course provides students with the opportunity to master the language skills for working and living in Australia. Students get the opportunity to learn English in Melbourne at an English language school with a reputation for practical activities, applied learning and outstanding results.

Entry Requirements

• 18 years or over

• Basic computer skills

• Meet all Student Visa requirements

Entry to the course is determined by:

All these students will undertake an entry placement test to determine their correct ELICOS course level. Similarly, at the conclusion of this course they will undertake the St Peter Institute English Diagnostic test designed especially to determine a students’ required English proficiency and readiness to undertake a VET course.

Pre-requisite Requirements

There are no pre-requisite requirements for individual units of competency.

Assessment Methods 

Learners will be tested on arrival so that they can be placed in class suitable for their English proficiency level. During the course a number of assessment methods are used, including:

• In-class participation

• Homework tasks

• Formal and informal class tests

• Participation in group activities

Students receive continuous feedback from their teachers about the progress.

Mode of Study / Method of Delivery 

• Classroom-based

• Face-to-face

• Work books

• Practical activities.


Modules shown are for the current academic year and are subject to change in the future.

Your choice of modules and projects available may, to some extent, be restricted by the schedule of lectures and the availability of staff. It may also vary according to the degree specialism chosen.

Level 1Elementary
Level 2Pre-Intermediate
Level 3Intermediate
Level 4Upper-Intermediate